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Non-regulation model 1850 foot officer's sword and scabbard



Solingen is a city in western Germany, which is known for the expertise of its highly skilled knife and sword-makers, honed over hundreds of years. Because of the talents shown, it has been given the title “The City of Blades.” "IRON PROOF," "U.S.", and Solingen maker's mark are all engraved on blade, along with ornate filigree, and and liberty eagle, which also appears on the hilt. Free shipping.

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Schuyler, Hartley & Graham non-commissioned officer's sword and scabbard



In 1860, Schuyler, Hartley & Graham was the largest firearm dealer in the United States. Founded in1854 by Jacob Schuyler, Marcellus Hartley, & Malcom Graham, the company took advantage of the Civil War to quickly grow their business. They recognized the profitable benefit for a long war and soon began bringing in supplies from Europe for Federal and state governments. In addition to guns and swords, the trio supplied everything from cannons to camp supplies and formed the foundation for a booming post war business.  This sword has their maker's mark and decorative filigree etched on the blade. Free shipping.

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